Accredited Project Manager (APRM™) is the person responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Key Accredited Project Manager (APRM™) responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are cost, schedule, scope, and quality. What is Project […]

Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

      Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB™)   It’s an international certification program initiated by International Six Sigma Institute in Germany Course Objective: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB™) Is a professional who is well versed in the Six Sigma Methodology who both leads or supports improvement projects, […]

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB™)

CSWP A Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional is an individual who has successfully passed SolidWorks advanced skills examination.    

CAD Using SolidWorks (CSWP)

  Course Content ———————– Classification of materials (Metallic & Non-metallic) Structure of materials Ferrous & Non-ferrous materials Mechanical properties of materials Tests for materials identification Materials defects Carbon steels High strength steels Alloy steels Stainless steels Non-metallic materials (Polymers, Ceramics Composites) Case Studies (Codes & Applications) CES Edu Pack Software […]

Materials Selection

  Course Content : A-Model setting B-Design Mode 1-Model Import 2-working with sketches (making simple sketches to modify and rapier machining processes) 3-Part analysis (machining feature recognition) 4-model check such as dimensions, area and volume 5-Stock definition (work piece data) C-Manufacturing Mode Milling &Turning 1-post processor selection and machine parameter […]

Computer Aided Manufacturing (Edgecam) + CNC

Course Content : A-program interface B-working with solid features 1-Model Import 2-working with basic sketches 3-Part analysis (machining feature recognition) 4-model check such as dimensions C-Manufacturing Mode Milling 1-2.5 milling operation (face milling, pocketing, profiling, drilling and manual milling) 2-tool processing 3-3d milling operation (roughing, z level finish, parallel finish, […]

Computer Aided Manufacturing (Using Esprit)

Course Content ———————– Liquid Penetrant Tests (Level I & II)  Materials, methods, Compatibility, equipment and safety Aspects, practical exercises, methods of assessing sensitivity Magnetic Particles Tests (Level I & II) Principle of magnetism, magnetic fields, Induction, Permeability, Line of forces, Methods of testing, Interpretation of indication, Demagnetization, Practical Exercises, methods […]

ASNT – NDT Level I &II